Norfolk, VA

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Sincere Raw Collection

  This collection consists of raw (unprocessed), fine-medium, straight-wavy-curly pieces.  

Each piece is unique and high in quality. 

All hair in this collection is donor based, as collected.  

Below you will be able to choose from curly, wavy or straight.

Sincere restocks every other month or so.  Each shipment is different.  Sometimes we offer more coarse textures, depending on the availability.  Those are very hard to come by, so if you see 'COARSE'...GRAB IT!!! 

A few things to know about raw hair:

  • It will react to weather and natural elements, just as real/natural hair would

  •   You may deep condition your tresses and care for them as if you grew them!

  • The better care, the longer they will last.

  • Items in this collection are NOT  guaranteed to be restocked!!! Each piece comes as it is donated.