Shanita is not only the owner of HH, but she is also a Master Stylist with 19 years of licensure.  Shanita has touched the crowns of hundreds of women (possibly thousands) in this amount of time...and she is just getting started!   She is  dedicated to her craft of repairing, rebuilding and restoring hair to produce a flourishing head of healthy hair.  This can only be done with a small control group.  Shanita's clients are on strict salon regimens and follow them as recommended.  Not only do they keep 98%  of the appointments they pre book, a vast majority of them take good care of their hair in between appointments.  It is a loving and trusting relationship that she has established with each of her clients.  She is consistent and nurturing as well as educated and well rounded.  If you are lucky enough to become one of her clients, commitment is key.

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