What we ALL have been waiting for!!! This is our perfected version of medium to coarse curly!!!  It is low in luster and super curly, of course! Super Curly has a short relaxed root with loads of unique tight-coily character.  Think of Freddie from A Different World! Lengths for this type reach their longest when straightened.  You should consider ordering a longer length based on the look you are going for. due to the tightness of the curl.  Super Curly can be straightened, however we recommend low heat usage to maintain the integrity and health of the curl.  

Love- Super Curly


Our Love collection consists of gently processed Indian based hair.  We do not retail any hair extensions processed in China.  Love now has 3 different textures- Body Curl, Romance Wave (the original Love pattern), and Super Curly.  Our Indian vendor uses gentle processing techniques to achieve its' textures.  The result is a soft, natural and easy to wear piece of art.  

Quick Facts:

  • Gently processed Indian hair extensions
  • Temple Donor Source
  • Flat Wefts- easy to fold!
  • Luster: Low to Medium-High
  • Density: Medium to High
  • Type: Wavy, Curly, Super Curly
  • Texture: Medium to Coarse
  • Longevity: 1.5-2 years with proper care
  • Professional coloring recommended-"Low and slow"
  • Hair will revert to natural curl pattern with healthy heat styling methods

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