Norfolk, VA

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Sincere is our medium to coarse wavy/curly blend.  Each bundle and pattern is unique, however provides a very natural and cohesive look when installed together. You can rest assured that when you purchase multiple bundles, yours will be paired according to likeness.    Keep in mind that COARSE bundles are rare, most will be medium.  
Never worn medium/coarse hair before? No problem.  We want you to know that Sincere is pure and unprocessed.  Therefore, will react to the weather elements and humidity, just as your beautiful natural hair does. All cuticles are one directional, however, due to its' coarse nature, you may experience reverting and minimal gathering when you are in extremely hot or steamy environments.  Sincere can be easily brushed out with a lightweight serum and a vented brush- start at the ends first.
TYPE: Medium-Coarse
TEXTURE: Wavy to Curly
LUSTER: Low to Medium
Available online: 12”-26”
Each bundle is 100g or 3.5 oz.

**IF YOU HAVE AN APPOINTMENT, your shipping costs will go toward your service. Your hair will be held at the salon, unless otherwise noted on your order**


  • Sincere has been pre-prepped for your convenience.  This means that you may install directly out of packaging.  If hair arrives in a frizzy state, you may rinse and/or shampoo & condition, prior to installing and re prep by adding a light weight serum while your bundles are still wet.  


    Your extensions are reusable many times over, when properly cared for. We recommend that you keep your tresses clean and free of build up through proper cleansing with a smoothing or hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  Your Sincere tresses also love deep conditioning! Yep, that's right, you can deep condition your hair with the application of a hydrating or smoothing conditioner under heated dryer for 15-30 min.  Coloring should ALWAYS be done by a professional hairstylist, using professional hair products ONLY. Lifting should be done 'low and slow'.  

  • Please see the FAQ section for detailed information.