"It's Who We Are and What We Do..."

This is our creed.  It's our way of making Y O U shine.  At HH, we aim to inspire, encourage, and uplift each person we service.  It is more than just a hairstyle that makes a salon great.  Sometimes its celebrating in each other's joys and successes but also being there for one another when we experience difficulty in our lives. We uphold and respect the value of the Stylist-Client relationship..  It is here where healthy hair starts.  TRUST.   As a client, you must trust that your stylist has your back and is always going to make the best decisions for your hair.  As a stylist, I must feel confident of your trust to produce good work.  

Our clients work very hard each day at conquering daily tasks and responsibilities...and they do it quietly and gracefully!  That is why HH strives to honor and cater to the needs of its' patrons, rather than boast about how good we are.  We'd rather put that energy into our clients so that they feel great each time they walk in the door.  We realize that with all of our experience and talent, Y O U are still the prize!  Without you, there is no us.  

At HH, we believe that healthy hair comes from within a place full of self love, along with honesty and accountability.  These play a large part of what we teach about the process of growing and maintaining healthy hair. We must change the way we think and feel as well as what we say about our hair- regardless of its' current state. Just the same as a plant, your hair needs the same love and specific attention.  Things do not grow from places of hurt/pain. Things must be loved and nurtured to grow and flourish. This is true for your hair as well as self.  

As busy and as large as we may grow, you will N E V E R lose your presence at Humble Hair.  We love and appreciate every moment with our clients.  


It's a secret society, all we ask is trust. -Hov


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